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General Questions

I'm completely new to garment manufacturing, where can I get more information?
If you have no experience in the garment industry, we suggest reading some books or doing research on the internet to get a general idea on how the industry runs. Here are some suggestions:

Fashion for Profit: A Professional's complete guide to designing, manufacturing & Marketing a successful line and retailing

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing

We handle the manufacturing of your garment, which leaves you with designing, branding, marketing, selling and advertising your product. If you don't have the basic knowledge to how the industry works, it might be a little more difficult to grow your business.

Manufacturing can become very time consuming and expensive.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • In-house wash and dye
  • Add value with "Made in the USA"
  • Quick turnaround for samples and production
  • No exporting paperwork or tariffs to worry about
  • Trusted by some of the best brands in the industry
  • In-house quality control of developments and small production
  • Low Minimums
  • Open Monday - Saturday
  • Convenient online payments
  • Easily export to Canada and Mexico
  • Experience in multiple garment constructions
  • Only a phone call or email away to contact us
  • Extensive contact list for a variety of unique services

It all depends on the services you require. We do pre-production, such as pattern making, sample cutting, sewing, embroidery developing, finishing and sample washing and dyeing in house. Depending on the quantity you will be trying to manufacture, we sometimes have to outsource cutting and sewing. We work with contractors that specialize in cutting and sewing and have been doing it for 20+ years. They work with high end manufacturers and have the experience and capacity to work with any amount. They allow us to walk their assembly line and supervise production to make sure everything is being done properly.

No, we don't have any in-house designers, but we would be more than happy to refer you to some independent designers

Payment terms are flexible depending on credit history. We usually start with COD for pre-production.
Production is 50% deposit and balance COD. If you would like to download a credit application, please click here.

At this moment we don't have any order minimums, but the bigger the quantity, the better price we can offer. In order to get a reasonable quote to wholesale to retailers or sell directly to consumers, 150 pieces in one style would be an ideal number. Those 150 or more pieces can then be broken into different washes, which we can then apply different trim to give the garments a different look.

All manufacturing is on a case by case basis. In order to get started, we would like to get to know more about you or your company. Please fill out our new customer questionnaire and we will be in contact with you shortly. You can complete this form online.
Please make sure you read through our FAQ's page where most of your questions can be answered.

Pre-Production Questions

Pre-Production pricing varies depending on the style you are trying to develop. To give you a general idea on how much development costs, here are is a price range:
Pattern Cost: Develop pattern and make adjustments to correct fit.
First sample: fabric, cut, sew, wash and finish.

Patterns, depending on complexity of pattern, can take anywhere from 1-6 business days to develop.
First sample:
The first cut, sew and wash sample, after a pattern has been developed, can take another 2-7 business days.
Pattern Adjustments:
Once the first samples is sent out for approval, minor adjustments or corrections need to be made. Marking or sketching the adjustments would be a great way to communicate changes. It takes another 1-3 days to make adjustments once comments have been received.
Adjusted sample:
The second adjustment can take 1-5 business days to cut, sew and wash.
Full Denim Collection:
A full denim collection, consisting of two fits and 10-15 washes per fit can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to develop.

No, we do not carry any fabric in stock. We can, however, refer you to different fabric companies that we work closely with.

Yes, we can develop and digitize embroidery. We can do custom embroidery on waistbands, pockets, hem, or anywhere on the garment.

Yes, we can make custom leather patches. All we need is a digital copy of your logo or design work.
Yes, we can do custom pocket lining printing.
Yes, we can do custom pocket lining printing.

Production Questions

Production pricing varies depending on style of garment, number of pieces being manufactured and the details on the garment. Average cost for 300 pieces in one style, can range anywhere from $15-$40 a piece. The more detailed the wash and construction, the higher the price. Please note that most manufacturing done in Los Angeles is high end. Cost can be anywhere from $15-40, but wholesale to retail stores ranges from $45-95 and in turn, retailers sell garments from $120-200.

Once a fabric has been chosen and a fit and wash has been approved, production can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks. Average lead time is about 6 weeks.

Yes, we offer an incentive to customers that go into production with us. Credit can be negotiated based on the amount of production pieces. Credit can range from 10-50% of development cost.